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Using Field Service Management to Improve Service and Cut Costs

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The use of field technicians in the capital and assets-intensive industries as well OEMs has long been a part of their business. Field service technicians can perform tasks like maintenance, repair, sale, etc. Field service is the management of various field-staffing processes, including dispatch, data availability, bill, etc. Field service software is available in several forms to automate the processes. Let’s read more about field service management.

It would be ideal if a service management system was similar to a extended CRM solution with high-level integration at the back-end. The mobile devices used by salespeople and service providers should provide access to various data including the service history and customer account, as well as technical information repositories and contractual agreements. Also, they must be able to view product and offer listings and availability, in addition, some of these items such a contract agreement and the inventory. Real-time data exchange with organization back-end software helps to optimize the service load and schedule staff.

There is considerable effort required after the FSM hardware has been implemented to integrate software applications, custom application requirements, as well as the front- and backends of the FSM. For some, the need for customized capabilities during each phase in the field service cycle can cause them to be deterred from FSM solutions.

FSM app development can be made cheaper and easier by utilizing modular FSM solutions that are standardized and customized to match internal needs. FSM applications can now be more easily integrated with software and other apps. This reduces the costs of adding new functionalities and components.

For both vendors and clients, cost reduction and the innovation of service are essential. The secret lies in adopting flexible applications platforms which can efficiently deliver mobile RIAs. Metadata-based integration tool allows easy configuration and integration of back-end apps in the past and the future.